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What is  “The Rife machine”?

At Health Fusion Clinic, we are one of the only centres in the UK using a pulsed electro-magnetic frequency device which uses a machine colloquially known as a Rife machine or in this case more accurately, a Rife / Bare machine. It was inspired by the work of the genius electrical engineer Royal Raymond Rife whose original Rife device was used as far back as the 1930’s.

The Resonant Light (“Rife“) Machine

Our machine is based on a modern resurrection of his work by Dr James Bare in the early 1990’s, and contains unique light, audio and radiowave based technology. In many respects this device can be used for similar situations to PEMF treatment. Although it is lawful for us to have the machine, and charge a fee for using it with clients, we are not permitted to make therapeutic claims for the device. There are other websites that discuss its possible benefits which you can “google” yourself.

Are we using “The Rife machine” or a device inspired by Rife’s work?

There are several companies making and selling “Rife” machines. Some of them are claiming to be selling the original Rife machine.  Others claim to be selling “Professional Rife machines”. Unfortunately these claims are nonsense, and in our view unethical as we will explain. Nobody including us, is selling or using the Rife machine. The original Rife machine was a machine invented by Dr Royal Raymond Rife in the early 1930’s. Dr Rife was an electrical engineer, not a medical doctor. By the 1920’s, Rife’s was well known for inventing the ‘Rife microscope’, one of which is today found in the science museum in London. It was at the time the most advanced microscope in the world. Anyway, we are digressing here. The machine that became known as “the Rife machine” was a device developed in the early 1930’s designed to kill harmful microorganisms, which he was able to view thanks to his microscope.

As we understand it, only around 14 original ‘Rife machines’ were ever produced, and most fell into disuse by the late 1930’s.

The ‘Rife machines’ manufactured today

The machines being marketed today are designed to try to emulate the original Rife machine in various ways.  Some of them you can buy for a few hundred pounds, which basically involve holding on to electrodes or pads connected to a frequency generator. Unfortunately such devices have virtually no resemblance at all to Rife’s work. The Rife machine was a machine that used a gas filled tube, which when excited electrically caused the gas to ignite and produce a violet coloured light. Rife used a range of frequencies for different conditions, though the exact frequencies, waveforms, intensities and so on that he used in the 1930’s do not seem to be agreed upon. There are various images on the internet of the original device which you can find for yourselves. One thing you will notice is that the “Rife machine” did not involve using handheld electrodes, foot pads, small handheld devices or indeed any physical contact whatsoever between the machine and the subject. The various frequencies produced by the machine, depending on what settings the practitioner selected were radiated to those within close proximity to the device (within up to 10 meters), and this is what had, or was claimed to have had an effect on people. For this reason we think that any machine which involves direct physical contact being marketed today as a Rife machine or worse still “the” Rife machine is misleading, and we don’t think they should be marketed as Rife machines.

Our Machine – The Resonant Light machine

The concept for the machine we use was developed in the late 1990s by Dr James Bare, an American chiropractor. It has become known as the “Rife/Bare machine” because Dr Bare was inspired by Dr Rife’s work. In our view is the closest device currently available to the original machine.

Actually called The Resonant Light Machine, it is an experimental device, which like the original device, produces a light caused by the electrical excitation of a gas filled tube in a very specific way. There is no filament in the tube, and so the light is not coming from a bulb. The frequencies generated through this process are thought to have a resonant effect on those within the devices range. This is an expensive machine – not a cheap device that can be purchased for a few hundred pounds. We are not against these devices, and they may have some limited effect. But they are uncomfortable to use, the feeble field intensities will struggle to penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body, tend to be of rather flimsy construction, and are not suitable for a clinic. Our device is designed to benefit all of the body equally and simultaneously, without needing to attach pads or electrodes which need to have physical contact with the skin in order to work. 

We think it’s the closest thing there is to the real / original “Rife machine”. But unlike the various companies claiming to sell “the” Rife machine which is an absurd claim, particularly when they are selling these flimsy little devices commonly sold for a few hundred pounds, we do not claim that it is, and neither do the manufacturers.

Does The Resonant Light (Rife/Bare) machine do the same thing as the ‘zapper’ I bought for under £100?

No. We have heard reports that zappers and other similar blood electrification devices help some people. But they are toys compared with our device.

Does The Resonant Light (Rife/Bare) machine do the same thing as the Spooky2 machine bought for under £1,000.

No. This is a better, more sophisticated toy than a zapper. The same is true for a number of other devices

Is The Resonant Light machine safe?

Because the device is experimental, we cannot prove the machine is safe, but one of our directors has been using it experimentally in his own clinic for over 20 years, and he has not seen it harm him or anyone else.

The handheld devices which we discussed above may potentially cause burns or electric shocks if misused. Any reports you read concerning this are irrelevant, as we don’t use this sort of device.

Does The Resonant Light machine cure disease, treat disease or replace orthodox medical treatment?

We are not permitted to make therapeutic claims, but this is what we can tell you. The device was used for 20 years in the clinic of one our directors before it was brought here. He had anecdotal reports from many people who said that that it improved their health in various ways, and sometimes in somewhat unexpected ways. However we cannot claim to treat or cure specific health conditions with the machine, nor can we recommend it as a replacement for established treatments as that would be breaking the law.

Treatment Prices

£15 per quarter hour (£60 per hour).

Discounts may be available for multiple sessions and those who require very long sessions. Please enquire within, or discuss when you make an initial appointment.

Can the Resonant Light machine be combined with other treatments?

Yes. In terms of what we do, it’s particularly compatible with the PEMF machine, and the Photon Genie both of which are “cousins” to some degree. Amongst our clients, combining Resonant Light therapy is very popular combined with IV treatment. It can also be combined with any orthodox treatments.

Purchasing a Resonant Light machine

If you prefer to buy a machine, we can sell you one and help you set it up and use it. You can still get support from the Canadian manufacturers as well, but if you buy it from us, you’ve got our support as well. The current cost is £8,495 inclusive of VAT (August 2022) for a brand new machine. As this is an imported item, the price may change if there is a significant change in international exchange rates. We occasionally have second hand units available…but not very frequently.

How do I book an appointment?

Email us through the Contact Us page or phone us on 0203 929 5300

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