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Ozone Therapy

Vaginal Insufflation

Vaginal Insufflation of ozone is used for improving vaginal health and can be used for infections and to promote healthy cell division. It can be used any time but is not recommended when menstruating.

The word “insufflation” means putting a gas into a cavity. Vaginal insufflation of ozone is one of the easiest and safest treatments imaginable, and does not cause the remotest discomfort, pain or stress. This is a self-administered treatment where we don’t actually do anything other than turn on the machine when you’re ready. 

Ozone Therapy

You will prepare by undressing your lower clothes, then inserting a tiny catheter, half a centimeter wide into the vagina, wrapping a towel around your waste for modest, then sitting down. Women often ask how far they need to insert it, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter how far it goes in. So long as it is inside the organ, the treatment will work. When the patient is ready, we turn our medical grade ozone generator on for them, and the ozone insufflates very slowly into the vagina. We typically run this for around 20-30 minutes. You can chat, read a book, nod off, or have a cup of tea while this happens. There are no side effects, though in a small number of cases, women have reported that it can cause a bit of dryness afterward which can be a little uncomfortable. This can easily be rectified by applying ozonated olive oil (available from us) to the area afterwards, which will then further add to the effects of the vaginal insufflation of ozone.

Although many people think this is “just” treatment of the reproductive area, women are actually anatomically advantaged over men in so far as vaginal insufflation of ozone is believed to be a valid method of whole body ozone therapy without the need for the more invasive blood exchange methods practised in some clinics. The hypotheses behind this is that the ozone quite easily penetrates across the sensitive membranes of the reproductive system into the whole body, where it then has the health benefits of ozone therapy documented in thousands (literally) of medical papers over the last 150 years.

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