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Red Light Therapy & Low Level Laser Therapy

After the invention of the laser in the 1960’s, there was a fundamental change in research, industry and medicine. However, the opinion of contemporary physicists was that the first lasers were a “light without usefulness”. After more research the outstanding properties of this special energy were discovered.

The energy of the laser activates the power stations in the cells (mitochondria) and thus contributes to the release of further energy. Energy is the prerequisite for all life, it is found in individual cells as well as within the complete organism.

Red Light Therapy

Eminently suitable for hair, face and body rejuvenation treatment, low level laser therapy combined with infrared diodes yields impressive results within a short space of time.

New modulation frequencies stimulate the body to produce endorphins which improve mental attitude, activate the immune system and optimise all the body's own self-healing effects.

A Modern Overall Therapy

This is the therapy of the future! It should be noted that the Hyperphoton laser has very little connection to the laser treatment offered in beauty clinics. For a start it causes no pain or burning sensation whatsoever.  Secondly its not just for beauty therapy (though it can be used for this). It is potentially useful for almost all aspects of health and well-being. As an example, one study showed that placed over the abdomen, low level laser therapy improved the health of the human microbiome.

Red Light therapy consists of two simultaneous treatments

  • 64 Hyper-red Special LEDs at 660 Nanometers (Near Infrared)

  • 64 Laser diodes at 785 Nanometers (Far Infrared)

Overall there are therefore 128 therapeutic points, making it vastly more powerful than the home-use low level laser machines that you can buy on the internet for a few hundred pounds. Our device also covers a much wider surface area of the body than these machines, which in relative terms are like toys compared with the Hyperphoton.


£25 for a 10 minute treatment. 10 minutes is all it takes!

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