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IV Therapy

IV Therapy (Intravenous Therapy) is a general term which covers any treatment administered directly into the vein. This is used in orthodox medicine for anything from the delivery of antibiotics, to electrolytes and water for people who are dehydrated, and chemotherapy drugs.

We use IV’s too, but the IV’s we provide contain life-giving nutrients which power up the immune system. Below are the most common IV’s we provide.

IV Therapy

Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C is administered directly into the blood stream. In this way, you get a high dose of the vitamin without experiencing any side effects. The main benefit of getting vitamin C through IV therapy is that it bypasses the gastrointestinal route. As a result, the concentration of the vitamin that gets absorbed is much higher through intravenous administration as compared to oral administration. This results in amplified benefits, and reduced side effects.


We provide the following Options for Vitamin C infusions : –

  • 5 grams £120

  • 10 grams £150

  • 12.5 grams £175

  • 25 grams £220

  • 30 grams £230

  • 35 grams £240

  • 50 grams £270

  • 60 grams £280

  • 75 grams  £325

  • 85 grams £345

  • 100g grams £385

PLEASE NOTE: Doses over 12.5g of Vitamin C IV require a G6Pd deficiency blood test. This costs £100.

We can arrange this test should you require a higher dosage. Around 1 person per 1,000 has a G6PD deficiency, and in those people the maximum safe dosage that can be taken safely at any one time is considered to be 12.5g.

Myers Cocktail

The Myers Cocktail is a micronutrient IV developed by American physician Dr John Myers containing magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and vitamin C*. It is used as a general health tonic for all aspects of wellbeing. We usually add selenium to the cocktail for further immune support. The Myers cocktail is probably the most popular and commonly used combination IV for general health in the world.

* The standard amount of Vitamin C in the Myers cocktail is 10g, however more can be given at an extra charge and subject to the comments about the G6PD blood test.



Myers Cocktail Plus

The Myers Cocktail Plus has the same ingredients as the Myers Cocktail but with 15 Amino Acids added to it




Vitamin D2 Shots

Known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, a Vitamin D shot is useful for boosting the immune system. One injection is enough to keep you going for several months, and is a suitable alternative for those who prefer not to take Vitamin D supplements. The usual dosage given is 300,000iu.
Please note this treatment is only available for those who have been diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency through a blood test. The blood test may also refer to 25-Hydroxy or 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 or [1,25(OH)2D3. These are just fancy medical terms, which all mean “Vitamin D”.


Blood test £100 (a recent test from another clinic or your doctor will also suffice) Vitamin D2 shot £75

Note: We also have a very effective oral protocol for taking Vitamin D, which is less expensive if that your preference.

Vitamin D2 vs D3

In nutritional supplements, the usual form of Vitamin D is Vitamin D3. In the injectable form it is always Vitamin D2 which is given. There are some differences between the two forms of Vitamin D, but the end result is in essence the same.


  • Regular shot 600mg: £60

  • Double shot 1,200mg £115

  • 600mg Glutathione with 5g Vitamin C: £100

  • 1,200mg Glutathione with 5g Vitamin C: £145

  • 1,800mg Glutathione with 5g Vitamin C £190

  • 2,400mg Glutathione with 5g Vitamin C £235

Glutathione shot with any of the higher dosages of Vitamin C IV shown above – please call us.

One of the reasons that people choose to have frequent and high doses of Glutathione is for skin lightening which is a side effect of frequent high doses of Glutathione. If you would like more information about this, please call us on 02039295300 

Other IV’s and Shots

There are many other IV’s and shots we can provide such as Vitamin B Complex, selenium, magnesium, calcium and any mixture of these alongside the options above. If there is anything in particular you want, you are welcome to call us to find out whether we can do it, and the cost.

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