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Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

Most people know that the body has many electrical or electro-chemical activities.  Death occurs where there is no detectable electrical activity in the brain or the rest of the neurological system. Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a relatively new area of healing that uses low frequency pulsed electro-magnetic waves to stimulate every cell of the body to promote health, reduce pain, reduce inflammation and increase energy.

PEMF therapy can be combined with any of the other treatments we provide and it has some cross-over effect with the Photon Genie, Resonant Light (Rife) machine, and Far Infrared Sauna



£30 per half hour required. Most programmes are 20-40 minutes. We assume there will always be an additional 5 minutes needed to get you ready and settled and this is also taken into account in our fees.

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