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NAD+ Infusion


NAD+ infusion 

NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells.
It plays an extremely important and vital role helping with DNA repair and energy metabolism. 

As we get older, NAD+ levels naturally start to decline. 
There are many potential benefits associated with NAD+ infusion which are listed below. 

NAD Drip

Energy Production

Plays an important role in the production of cellular energy.
Therefore increasing levels enhances metabolism and the production of cellular energy. 

Cellular Repair and Longevity

NAD+ is involved in the repair of our DNA. 
Increasing levels helps support cellular repair processes and can slow down the ageing process. 

Mitochondrial Function

Plays a critical role in mitochondrial function and the production of cellular energy, helping support mitochondrial health.


Can protect neurons from inflammation, oxidative stress and other forms of cell damage.

Metabolic Health

Can help improve metabolic health by regulating insulin sensitivity and glucose and lipid metabolism. 

It can have a positive effect on Type 2 diabetes and obesity. 
It may be helpful with weight loss although it cannot be considered a weight loss treatment
(See our weight loss infusion HERE)

Cardiovascular Health

Can help protect against inflammation and oxidative stress which are implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease. 

Muscle Function and Performance

Plays a vital role in exercise performance and muscle function.
Can improve endurance, muscle function and exercise recovery all of which have the potential of enhancing athletic performance.

NAD+ infusions show great promise but more research is needed to fully understand its potential health benefits.

It is still relatively new, and its safety and long-term effects require further investigation. 

NAD+ infusion therapy is generally considered safe when administered in a clinical setting, however there are potential side effects that individuals may experience dependent upon dosage, health status and underlying medical conditions. 


Potential side effects may include: 

Flushing (Unlikely but possible)

Flushing/redness of the skin, particularly around the face and neck. 
Common, usually mild and transient. 

You may feel cold (chills) following the infusion. 
This subsides within a few hours.

Nausea and Vomiting (Unlikely but possible)

Typically mild resolving on its own or with symptomatic treatment.

Headache (Unlikely but possible) 

Headaches or migraines have been reported by some individuals. 


Temporary fatigue which resolves within a short frame of time. 

Dizziness or Lightheadedness

This may occur so it is essential to stay well hydrated. 
Our infusions include the highest dose of saline to ensure maximum hydration. 



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