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Oxygenate and detoxify your body

The importance of oxygen to the body can not be underestimated. Everyone is aware that oxygen is a primary ingredient in the air we breathe in, yet few of us perhaps consider why this is the case – why our bodies actually need this element. Well, put simply, it’s one of the most essential elements for good health.

The medical and academic professions agree that the majority of harmful bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses aren’t capable of surviving in the human body in oxygen-rich environments (in scientific terms then, they’re anaerobic). Therefore, this means that the more oxygen we expose our bodies to, the less likely they’ll become breeding grounds for illness and disease. It’s within our interests to give our bodies as much oxygen as we can.


The Effects of Oxygen Depletion

While eating, drinking, breathing and simply living our normal daily lives, we are constantly absorbing into our bodies, unnatural and synthetic non-food chemicals. Contained in the likes of preservatives, artificial colourings, flavourings, smog, fumes and even hydrogenated oil, all these chemicals can contribute to the oxygen depletion in our bodies.

To avoid consumption of all these oxygen-depleting substances is very difficult; nigh on impossible in everyday life. However, because the human body takes less than a year to entirely reconstitute itself, you can help ensure your body’s fully oxygenated and energised and combat the effects of oxygen depletion by feeding it a three-to-four-times daily dosage of Oxygen Elements Max. It’s a product that, if you find it suits your body, is capable of enhancing its cells and promoting fast, deep and – probably – much-needed detoxification throughout.

Stimulant-free, Oxygen Elements Max then is liable to enhance your body’s cellular oxygenation, improve your endurance and stamina, increase blood flow through your body, detoxify its cells and neutralise harmful pathogens such as free radicals, thereby flushing away lactic acid and efficiently enhancing physical performance.

How Oxygen Elements Max Works

Oxygen Elements Max achieves its detoxifying efforts via a chain reaction, which brings about a liberation of the oxygen contained in the water (H2O) in the body, thanks to its various ingredients – including digestive enzymes, metabolic enzymes, 21 different amino acids and as many as 77 trace minerals.

Known by many regular supplement users as either Hydroxygen Plus (its very first name, which was dropped after a complaint from a company that sold a product with a similar name) or Oxygen Elements Plus, the current name of Oxygen Elements Max has been in official use since 2007.

Please note; should you try the product (which, of course, we heartily recommend you do so for great oxygenating and detoxifying results), you may find you experience a difference almost immediately, yet it’s true, naturally, that everyone’s body is different; therefore, it stands to reason that some will find their health improving thanks to regular use of the product over a longer period than others. To wit, we generally recommend a course of 2-3 months (via a seven-drop dosage taken three times a day/ 2-3 bottles a day) so that you may be able to properly assess how effective the product is for your body. Also, if you’re suffering from a serious illness, you may want to try Oxygen Elements Max in a higher-than-standard dose.

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