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Food Supplements

We have a wide range of Nutritional Supplements available in the clinic for patients to buy straight away eliminating the need to wait for them to be posted by mail order. These supplements are also available for local ‘foot-fall’ customer to purchase.

We also provide around 800 food supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and other specialist health products through our sister company The Finchley Clinic. We sell a few products only available here in Barnet, but most of the products sold at Health Fusion Clinic are also available to purchase online here.

Some of the most important products we provide on site, and online include : –

  • Oxy-Powder

  • NADH Rapid Energy 20mg

  • Poly-MVA

  • Tapioca Vitamin C

  • Liposomal CBD

  • Liposomal Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D3 4,000iu with Vitamin K2

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