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What is The Colon?

The colon, or large intestine is a 5 foot long organ and is the final part of the digestive system before the rectum.  Its role in the body is to reabsorb fluids and process waste products from the body in preparation for its elimination.

Its Role In Health

In naturopathic medicine it is widely believed that all disease begins the colon. The trouble is that our modern lifestyle, poor diet, and stress can cause it to function very poorly indeed. This affects not just our gut health, but our overall health too.


What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy offers a full cleanse of the large intestine (colon) by gently introducing water into the colon via the rectum. The aim is to restore function and perhaps even more beneficially to exercise the colon. This may be helpful for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, skin health and general detoxification.

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Us

At Health Fusion Clinic, we use the Libbe colon hydrotherapy system which is an “open system”. Most clinics use closed systems.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is also good for:

  • Emptying pockets and improves muscle contraction.

  • Cleansing, toning and exercising the colon.

  • Improving faecal transit time.

  • Re-educating the colon, helping it return to its more original form.

  • Balancing the micro-flora ecosystem.

  • Increasing the absorption of nutrients through the colon wall.

  • Decreasing the enterotoxins from re-entering the body (leaky gut syndrome).

  • Decreasing the risk of colon cancer by promoting regular health maintenance.

  • Improving circulation.

Open vs Closed Systems

The first big difference with an open system is that the water can be released whenever the clients wants, and in fact would be naturally released by the body’s own peristaltic forces if too much water goes in. This is because it involves using a much thinner lubricated insertion tube than the more commonly used closed systems. Closed systems by comparison are designed to prevent any possibility of faecal or water escape until the practitioner releases the water. With an open system the water can be released at any time without having to put the machine in reverse gear to let the water out, which is what happens when using a closed system.

This means that the pressures that build up in the abdomen during the fill stage are less extreme than closed systems, which can sometimes be quite alarming for the patient. The less extreme and slower increase in pressure means that clients (especially new ones) tend to be more relaxed during the treatment.

The second point is that the thinner tube alluded to above is much more comfortable for most people than the rather large speculums that have to be used by practitioners using closed systems.

The third main advantage is that is that Libbe is a self-administered treatment which ensures a much greater level of personal privacy than a closed system.

Does Colonic Hydrotherapy Help With Weight Loss

You may lose weight as unwanted faecal matter is removed from your colon. Sometimes several pounds in one session. It also helps with weight loss indirectly as it contributes to well being which enables the body to perform optimally. However colon hydrotherapy does not directly cause loss of fat, Therefore we think it’s a little dishonest to describe this as a weight loss treatement. It’s more accurate to describe it as waste loss than weight loss.

Which system of Colonic Hydrotherapy is better overall?

The majority of practitioners use closed systems, and many are rather quick to dismiss the Libbe system. Most practitioners generally use the more economic closed systems.

We say try our system and decide for yourself. By all means also try a closed system at another clinic, so you can compare the two. Our own experience is that once a person has tried both, the majority tend to prefer the Libbe system in preference to the closed systems, and continue their treatment with us. In conclusion, whilst we anticipate that the Libbe will always be our primary colonic irrigation treatment, we are fans of any form of colonic hydrotherapy.


The video below was not produced by us but is showing and explaining the Libbe system that we use : – 

How Often Should I Have A Colonic Treatment?

This is a question many people ask, but it is impossible to answer with any sort of one size fits all answer. You will always get benefit even from a one off treatment, and feel a sense of improved wellbeing. But the suggestions below will give you an idea as to our philosophy on this question. None of this is set in stone, and you can use your intuition.

In very general terms we initially encourage people to have three treatments close together if they can. Daily is ideal and if this is not possible, then as close together as possible. After this intense cleanout, the ideal course of treatment for a really deep clean of all the gunk your body has wanted to get rid of all your life is a total of ten sessions, with the fourth to tenth treatments roughly five days apart.

Once good colon health has been established after the initial intensive course, we encourage people to come once every one to three months, depending on their tendency to get into trouble with their gut health, diet, lifestyle and so on.

Is Colonic Hydrotherapy Safe?

Yes for the overwhelming majority of people, completely. However, there are a few contraindications. We will not use this treatment if you have Irritable Bowel Disease (as opposed to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is completely different where we definitely can treat you), colorectal cancer, nor anyone who has had abdominal or rectal surgery within the previous six months, unless we have approval in writing from your GP or specialist consultant. For any other condition where there is any doubt about its suitability, we may need to get approval in writing from your doctor before we proceed.

Because we are a multi-disciplinary clinic, if we feel colon hydrotherapy is unsuitable for you, we would usually be able to provide an alternative treatment that we believe is appropriate.

Do you use disposable equipment? And how do you keep the place clean?

The tubing and catheter used is sanitary and disposed of after each use. We use fresh towels and covers for each client, and the plastic mould for the bed is thoroughly disinfected after each treatment.


For one session : £80 or £210 for three sessions prepaid.

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